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Our skill is words. We create a distinctive voice and clear messages—the core of your identity.



We absorb your project goals and brand voice to capture exactly what you hoped for in every project.



We tell your story for every possible medium—from print and video to web and social.



We understand the speed of technology. We move fast to grab opportunities and hit deadlines.



The work stands out, but not the egos. We fit right in with your people and partners.



We make it refreshingly easy to get stellar results. That’s why our clients stay with us for years.

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With WordCraft, you always work with a senior writer. Your writer can serve up everything from pithy blogs to deep-dive technology papers.

If you’re wondering whether we’ve written about your technology area or the industries you serve, the answer is probably yes. If we haven’t, you’ll be impressed with how fast we get it. We don’t waste any time, especially yours.

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“We save a lot of time by working with WordCraft. I trust WordCraft to bring new ideas to the table to make our message stronger.”

Kathleen Landry
Director, Corporate Marketing
Sierra Wireless

“Even when stakeholders have different points of view, my WordCraft writer fosters open dialogue and gets to the kernels of truth. The result is copy that everyone is thrilled to use.”

Ashley Grosfeld
Communication Manager, Integrated Marketing

“Our product portfolio is continually evolving, and WordCraft does a great job of ensuring that our message stays top of mind.”

Omar Garcia
Customer Reference Manager
Check Point Software Technologies

“Things move at breakneck speed around here. Our WordCraft writer has incredible technology depth and understands our market. He dives right in and delivers outstanding work.”

Deb Porchivina
Manager, Integrated Marketing Communications

“I’ve worked with WordCraft for close to a decade. Through complex projects including high-profile launches and tight deadlines, they’ve never let me down.”

Cheryl Conner
Senior Marketing Manager

“WordCraft writers blend perfectly with our creative team. Their technical knowledge is amazingly deep, and they can write in any style our clients need.”

Hugh Broughton
Creative Director
Envision Media

Word Bites

We handle it all.

Voice and style. Technical accuracy. Gritty or witty. These are some “word bites” to give you an idea of that range.
We’d be happy to provide project samples.


Web copy has to be fresh, like a crisp salad. Writing that fuses with user experience, navigation, and design. It all has to click.



You make the human connections.
We handle the device connections.

 Anyone can join your meeting from anywhere, from any standard video system. See who’s talking, share screens and video feeds, work on documents together. One meeting, any device, same experience.

White Papers

White papers are grounded in details. But they have to be elevated by big ideas.


Dissect almost any attack scheme, and at the core is an abuse of trust: Malware delivered to users legitimately browsing mainstream websites. Spam emails that appear to be sent by well-known companies but contain links to malicious sites. Third-party mobile applications laced with malware and downloaded from popular online marketplaces. Insiders using information access privileges to steal intellectual property from employers.

While a decade ago threats were limited to individual hackers and attacks that were relatively easy to contain, today’s adversaries are sophisticated, well-funded criminal enterprises. They may be profiteering organized crime syndicates, competitors engaging in industrial espionage, “hacktivists” seeking to further a political agenda, or powerful nation-state actors. And their efforts are working.

Evidence suggests that adversaries are coming up with new methods for embedding their malware in networks, remaining undetected for long periods, and stealing data or disrupting critical systems. Using methods ranging from the socially engineered theft of passwords and credentials to stealthy, hide-in-plain-sight infiltrations that execute in minutes, malicious actors continue to exploit public trust to effect harmful consequences.

The largest forward-looking multinational enterprises are responding by shifting their fundamental approach to security. Rather than waiting until they detect evidence of bad behavior, rather than assuming that their security technologies, practices, and vendors are keeping them safe, they are treating every single user and device as potentially hostile.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is often a goal in search of genuinely interesting messages. We help our clients figure out those messages and the creative forums to deliver them.


Moderator: Do you think that managed services is at a tipping point? If so, what impact do you see on your managed services business? 

Partner Vice President: The industry is definitely at a tipping point. The demand for managed services is growing exponentially, and so is our managed services business. In fact, it’s the fastest area of growth in our business. 

Moderator: Why do you think clients are looking more actively at managed services?

Client General Manager: Companies have a much greater comfort level about moving a portion of their operations into the cloud, because the cloud has credibility. IT organizations have strong incentives to streamline their operations and save money. They don’t feel like they need to do all the heavy lifting themselves, because they know that doing everything on-premises comes at a premium. 

Partner Services Manager: We’ve all gotten used to not being physically located in the same place as our resources or colleagues we work with. Control is still important to IT, because they have ultimate accountability, but there’s increasing awareness that you can have control without physically touching and managing every technology asset.

Case Studies

It starts with a great interview. We capture their pride to tell your story with real—not invented—passion.


Energy Management Software Powers Partner’s Growth

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to look out your window every morning and see your future customers popping up around you? NG Bailey knows exactly what that feels like. Its customers come in the shape of buildings. Or, more specifically, intelligent buildings that cable all of the building management systems over an IP backbone.

NG Bailey, a 90-year old company, has emerged as one of the leaders in providing mechanical and electrical work, information and communications technology (ICT), security, management systems, and facilities services for these intelligent buildings.

One towering example is a landmark commercial skyscraper known for its distinctive curving shape. NG Bailey’s IT Services division has installed the IP network backbone for the systems that control heating and air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, access door controls, alarms, fire protection, and more.

“NG Bailey saw the trend towards intelligent buildings almost a decade ago,” says Steve Wanklyn, General Manager, IT Services Division. “Because of our expertise in ICT, we are ahead of other companies in designing, delivering, and managing networks for intelligent buildings. We are involved in networking opportunities from the ground up. Literally.” 

Product Literature

A data sheet can make even the most innovative product sound boring. Our job is to keep the story—and there’s always a story—interesting.


Build Smarter, Safer, More Productive Mines

Lean operations, safe environments, and efficiency are essential for the mining industry—especially in light of fluctuating commodity prices. But it’s difficult to monitor and control production for large mines that are located in constantly changing, harsh environments. Managing equipment and assets and protecting employees is also challenging as your assets and employees might be spread out and disconnected. How quickly can you respond to new conditions at the mine, such as safety issues, or to changing market demands?

What if you could get complete visibility and control over everything that’s going on at every site in real time? The Internet of Everything lets you do just that. This latest evolution of the Internet brings together people, processes, data, and things, to drive powerful business outcomes. 

Gain real-time visibility into each step of your production so you can more accurately monitor output, equipment, worker location, and security. Experience better, faster decision making with reduced production cost and improved safety. Manage your energy usage in underground mines with “ventilation-on-demand.” Create safer working conditions, prepare for growth, and respond to new opportunities. It all resides on a single, multiservice IP network built to withstand harsh industrial conditions. 


Social is arguably the most challenging form of marketing writing. It’s a nonstop conversation, and your client needs to be the one everyone wants to talk to.


Fresh, Fast, and Local: Online Grocery Shopping Is Coming

Shoes? Check. Computer gear? Check. Clothes? Flatware? Hot tubs with built-in TVs? Check, check, and check. There’s almost nothing these days that we don’t buy online. But there is one area where the local brick-and-mortar store still reigns supreme: grocery shopping.

When it’s time to stock the fridge, the vast majority of us still do it the old fashioned way. We trek out to the store, walk up and down the aisles, and fill up physical rather than virtual shopping carts. But just maybe, that’s about to change. A number of retailers are experimenting with online groceries, and a growing number of consumers are ready to buy.

In a world where you can buy anything from live crickets to your own private island online, the idea of buying groceries is not exactly revolutionary. So why is the trend taking so long to take hold? Because when it comes to groceries, it’s very hard to introduce the economies of scale that benefit other e-commerce models.

To compete on price, online grocers must settle for extremely slim margins. But since fresh food can spoil quickly, they also need to fund major storage and distribution infrastructure everywhere they wish to sell.

So how will online grocers overcome the barriers and capitalize on that opportunity? Many are finding that the solution is to go local.

WordCraft Team


Listening skills at this level are a rare find in the corporate world.

Ruth Hartman

Ruth is a professional editor and seasoned writer. She got her start in technology as an engineer at PacBell and has been immersed in high-tech marcom since the early 1990s. While she was earning her undergraduate degree from Harvard-Radcliffe College, Ruth began practicing peer counseling, which she teaches today. Listening skills at this level are a rare find in the corporate world. By stressing open communications and integrity at the core of her business, she wins clients’ trust. Ruth has been married for 26 years and raised two daughters, so she takes commitment pretty seriously. She loves the traditional (like baseball) and the irreverent (like Stephen Colbert) in equal measure. Ruth quite simply adores the written word, which is why she called her agency WordCraft.


He’s a writer and editor — in other words, both creative and meticulous.

Jeff Baskin

Jeff majored in Political Science at UC Berkeley, contemplating a career in law or public policy. But it was those subversive journalism classes that hooked him. His first gig was an assistant editor for an Apple publication. He’s a writer and editor — in other words, both creative and meticulous. Clients love Jeff and want to work with him. He’s equally at ease writing 10-page technical white papers and one-paragraph elevator pitches. Jeff is a devoted dad whose two boys share his passion for music (but not the same kind) and fire engines (no disagreements there).


Clients comment on the amazing rapport she has with customers and partners.

Judith Kelley

When Silicon Valley’s powerhouse agency, Regis McKenna, Inc., opened an east coast office, Judith was the group account manager for half of its technology clients. She was responsible for strategizing and executing launches for global giants and startups. She has over 35 years of experience developing clear, credible messaging for companies and products. Clients comment on the amazing rapport she has with customers and partners, which helps bring life to everything she writes. Judith herself values friendship and humor, which she says is what happens if you’re raised with dogs.


He has exceptional interview skills and a phenomenal work ethic.

Jason Kohn

Jason has a passion for technology, medicine, and science. He has exceptional interview skills and a phenomenal work ethic. He cares as much about what his clients contribute to the world as they do. Supercomputer companies praise his smarts. Healthcare organizations value his compassion. In his spare time, Jason reads voraciously (science fiction and classic mysteries are favorites) and thrives on the really tough job of answering the questions of his brilliant young daughters.



Ruth Hartman